Our Vision

More fun for differently abled kids.


Austin, like all children with special needs, is a freaking ROCK STAR! He has endured more poking and prodding in his 3 years of life than most of us will in a lifetime and he does not let it get him down. Like other kids, disabilities or not, he just wants to HAVE FUN! Rather than letting his lack of mobility hold him back, our mission as his parents is to create all the fun opportunities we can for him. That's how WALK WITH AUSTIN came to be...we have a great desire to share what we're learning about special needs parenting and to provide more opportunities for fun for other kids with mobility differences. Raising kids with impaired mobility is very taxing for families emotionally, physically and financially and our passion is to find ways to help. We would love your help to make this happen! Here are some of our current fundraising campaigns:

- LiteGait Therapy Treadmill for Austin's physical therapy clinic

- Adaptive Bicycles (financial assistance by application)


- Disneyland Family Respite Trips (financial assistance by application)

Holly & Adam Reininger

Adam (dad), Roman, Austin, Holly (mom), Avery and Riley.

Adam (dad), Roman, Austin, Holly (mom), Avery and Riley.